Injury Compensation  
  If you have the unfortunate circumstance of being injured, obtain medical care immediately. Always follow up with your physician for any necessary treatments or referrals to other health care providers and specialists.

Document all injuries, symptoms, restrictions and problems. The treatment you seek and receive is objective evidence of the injuries sustained.

Protect yourself.  DO NOT SPEAK TO ANY INSURANCE adjusters without first speaking to an attorney at KindermannLaw or otherwise.

Avoid liability. MD and DC are "contributory negligence" jurisdictions. If the attorney representing your adversary and the insurance companies' interests creates or otherwise presents any evidence of negligence on your part the entire claim may be in jeopardy. Therefore, help yourself by saying as little as possible to the other party.

You must provide name, registration and insurance information. Make note of any statements made by the other party and try to obtain an admission of liability, particularly in front of an independent witness. Document detailed information regarding the scene, witnesses and any damages. Always keep a camera in the car and take pictures of the scene, including any traffic control devices, and vehicles before and after they are moved. Also, take pictures of any skid marks and measure them if possible as well as any debris caused by the incident.

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